How tall is the baby in the first month?

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 The shape of the twin fetus in the fifth month

How tall is the baby in the first month

How do you know the gender of the fetus in the second month?

twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancies differ from singleton pregnancies in several ways because women who have twins have higher pregnancy hormones than women who have fetuses; Pregnant women with more severe symptoms, in addition to higher rates of preeclampsia, are more likely to develop high blood pressure.

How do I feel the movement of the fetus in the fourth month?

The shape of the twin fetus in the fifth month

  • Each fetus is about 14.2 cm long from head to buttocks and weighs about 190 grams each.
  • The fingerprints of the fetus are formed.
  • The twins felt any tingling or movement in their stomachs, even if it was slight.
  • Twins absorb everything in front of them; Hands, feet, or umbilical cord, which helps them breastfeed later.
  • Twins' bodies grow faster than their heads.
  • The skin of the twins is covered with a thick layer of smooth hair.
How does the fetus move in early May?
  • Eyebrows and hair begin to grow, but their color and texture change after birth.
  • If one or both of your twins are girls, your ovaries will hold about 2 million eggs, keep in mind that this number decreases after birth, so by the time a girl is 17, she will not exceed 200,000 eggs.
  • Twins' legs are getting longer than their arms.
  • Their nails are fully formed.
  • The twins move with all their joints and limbs.
  • The external genitalia of twins are already formed, and doctors can determine the sex of each person using ultrasound.
The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month
  • The twins' bones were rubbery cartilage, which later became stiffer.
  • Myelin slowly wraps around the spinal cords of twins. Pure myelin is a fatty substance composed mostly of lipids and proteins that coat axons and nerve tissue.
  • So far, the twins are breathing with the surrounding amniotic fluid, but their chest movements are similar to lung breathing.
  • Burps twins to train the muscles they need to breathe when they're born.

How tall is the baby in the first month

Things to consider when carrying twins

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  • In addition to reducing extramarital affairs, don't stress yourself out too much and get some rest.
  • Follow a healthy and appropriate diet for the mother and the twins.
  • Choose a comfortable sleeping position, sleeping on the right or left side is best, and put a pillow under your stomach or legs.
How do I know the divorce of the birth?
  • There is a very high chance of twins being born prematurely, so it is recommended to use lung stimulators as they help the fetus in case of premature birth.
  • Follow up with your doctor periodically and regularly and follow his medical instructions without neglect
  • Use sedative medications for uterine contractions if your doctor recommends it.
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