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How many heartbeats does a male fetus have?

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 How many heartbeats does a male fetus have?

How many heartbeats does a male fetus have

Fetal heartbeat

The normal heartbeat of the fetus, is one of the most important indicators of the health of the fetus and a guide to reassure both parents that the child is in good health, 

can be heard at different stages of pregnancy and this heartbeat can be clearly seen by ultrasound using a Doppler, or by using a normal stethoscope, 

and indicates that there are some claims about the difference in the number of heartbeats in male and female fetuses, which indicates that heartbeats can be used to determine the sex of the fetus. In this article, we will discuss the heartbeat frequency of male fetuses.

How many heartbeats does a male fetus have?

The fetal heartbeat begins to work about twenty-two days after conception, and this is evident in the fifth week of pregnancy, because ultrasound can be heard, 

which is a confirmation of pregnancy, and the heartbeat can be measured in the first trimester of pregnancy. . From week 10 to week 12, you can hear your baby's heartbeat every time you see your doctor.

How many heartbeats does a male fetus have

There are many opinions stating that the fetal heartbeat determines the gender of the newborn because these opinions state that if the fetal heart exceeds 140 beats per minute, this means that the fetus is female, but if it is less than 140 beats per minute,

 this indicates that. The baby is a male baby, although there is no scientific evidence to support this myth, but it has been widely spread among grandparents and mothers since ancient times.

Many pregnant women have difficulty distinguishing between their normal heartbeat and that of the fetus, while doctors can easily do this; 

  • This is because a fetus's heartbeat is much faster than usual, with the average human heart beating around eighty beats per minute. 
  • The fetal heart ranges between 120 and 160 beats per minute, and it is important to note that these beats at the beginning of pregnancy are about 120 beats per minute, 
  • and as pregnancy progresses, the beats increase weekly until they reach the range in the ninth week between 155 beats. 
  • 195 beats per minute of pregnancy, then the heartbeat returns to its normal rate, ie. 120-160 beats per minute in the twelfth week of pregnancy.