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How long is the fetus in the first month?

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 How tall is the fetus in the first month?

How long is the fetus in the first month

first month of pregnancy

When a woman realizes that she is pregnant, she is delighted with the arrival of a new person in the family, and she begins to pay attention to all the details of a pregnancy that lasts forty weeks,

 the most important of which is the first month; Because it is a stable pregnancy month, and nine months is the date of the baby's birth,

 you want to know what the fetus will be like in the first month in terms of height, weight and everything related to it. At this stage, we learn about the fetus in its first month, its length, and weight.

Stages of the formation of the fetus in the first month

Before understanding the shape of the fetus in the first month of pregnancy, it should be noted that the fetus we are talking about is only about 0.25 cm long, that is, it is in the process of development.

How long is the fetus in the first month

first week

During this week, the fetus is a fertilized egg that floats in the uterine canal and implants in the uterus within six days of fertilization. During the first week, a pregnant woman does not experience nausea as a reaction to a foreign body.

second week

The mother begins to feel tired and exhausted, breasts are engorged, the number of times to go to the toilet increases, and vaginal bleeding after the fertilized egg adheres to the wall of the uterus, up to the yolk sac, or before the placenta, the amniotic cavity responsible for nourishing the fetus forms, and the umbilical cord begins to form but does not Increase works.

The mother’s body begins to produce progesterone, which stimulates the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body, and during this period it is better to sleep well, do not worry, avoid smoking, caffeine, and alcohol and is better to see a doctor make sure that the cyst is implanted in the uterus.

the third week

The fetus continues to mature and is pear-shaped, surrounded by the yolk sac and the fluid that nourishes it. The body of the fetus consists of three layers of cells, the outer, inner, and middle layer, which includes the brain, internal organs, bones, stomach, and respiratory system, while the head of the baby is the largest and smallest part. The spine, the size of the heart is almost negligible, but it has a slight palpitation.

How long is the fetus in the first month

The size of the abdomen also remains the same this week, meaning that it is not affected by the size of the fetus. The pregnant woman will feel the symptoms of the second week of pregnancy completely, but they will disappear with pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, it is best to eat foods that contain calcium to promote the growth of the fetus and to take folic acid.

fourth week

During the last week of the first month, the shape of the fetus develops to some extent. The larynx, inner ear, eye lens, body extremities, fingers and toes, and spine grow.

During this period, the pregnant woman's previous symptoms, especially morning sickness, worsened; Because of the slow emptying of the stomach, it is also recommended to see a doctor during this period to conduct the necessary tests and monitor the pregnancy.