How is labor pain?

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 How is labor pain?

How is labor pain

Causes of colic during pregnancy

labor pain

The ninth month of pregnancy is one of the most difficult months for a pregnant woman. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, the uterine muscles begin to contract, which can be painful in most cases, and every pregnant woman suffers from uterine mania throughout her pregnancy. The pain of childbirth, especially for the first time, varies from woman to woman. Like every child, we can't limit a condition's symptoms, so we can't generalize about the extent of the pain.

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Some women confuse feeling pressure in the abdomen with whether the divorce is already progressing into labor, but there are signs and indications that labor is occurring and the real symptoms must be distinguished. Symptoms of childbirth and natural colic, so the woman should measure the time from the first injection to the next injection.

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Symptoms of labor pain associated with childbirth

Labor symptoms begin as pain that seems to emanate from the lower back and radiates left and right, and then forward.

Labor pain is accompanied by dilation of the cervix.

Labor pain takes the form of regular uterine contractions followed by a period of relaxation.

Childbirth is accompanied by a stiffening of the abdominal wall, followed by relaxation.

As labor pain and labor symptoms develop, labor injections can become more painful, faster, and last longer.

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Effects of contractions and expulsion

  • Dilation of the cervix.
  • The fetus is pushed toward the cervix and vaginal opening.
  • The fetus's body moves and rotates so that its head is lowered in preparation for birth.

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The difference between real and false labor pain

  • Abdominal pain is characterized by irregularity, in which the pain intensifies and disappears.
  • The duration of each contraction is different.
  • Falsehood is caused by psychological reasons related to the imminent date of birth.
  • As long as you move a little, the false pain will disappear instantly.
  • One reason for false labor is that the uterus matches the diameter of the fetus's head to facilitate normal labor so that real labor occurs later.

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real signs of labor

  • The pain of childbirth does not go away when you move, walk and change your sitting position.
  • False labor pain can be relieved by taking painkillers, but taking painkillers will not eliminate true labor pain.
  • The pain of natural childbirth is accompanied by a thick white discharge of blood, which is scientifically known as a mucus plug.
  • Expansion of the cervix and vaginal opening.
  • The duration of each uterine contraction is from 30 to 70 seconds.
  • True labor pains are accompanied by a drop of warm water in the cervix, as the pregnant woman must go straight to the hospital.
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