How is the first movement of the fetus?

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 How is the first movement of the fetus?

How is the first movement of the fetus

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Tracking the movements of the fetus is one of the most important things that the mother must pay attention to and follow up to ensure the safety of the fetus and to detect any complications that may appear. The first fetal movement of the fetus begins in the second month after birth. Pregnancy week eight, 

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but these movements are not felt or discovered. Unless it is done by ultrasound, and in the fifth month of pregnancy, i.e. the eighteenth week, a pregnant woman can start the movement of the fetus without detecting the equipment, and women who have been pregnant many times can feel the movement of the fetus better through the movement of the fetus. with her experience.

How is the first movement of the fetus

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Fetal movement is the effect of the fetus’s limbs on the anterior abdominal wall. As pregnancy progresses, these lumps become larger and stronger, and even the expectant mother herself varies during pregnancy. In the case of another pregnancy, 

the movement of the fetus is different during the day because it increases after eating and drinking stimulants such as tea and coffee, and decreases when the pregnant woman sleeps. After an hour or two maximum, the fetus resumes movement again.

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There are several reasons for insensitivity to fetal movement:

  • Error in calculating the period of pregnancy.
  • The placenta is at the front, which reduces its impact on the uterine wall.
  • Due to severe flatulence in the intestines and severe constipation.
  • Amniotic fluid deficiency.
  • Some diseases that affect the fetus and impair its motor system can be avoided with visits to the doctor and ultrasound.
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It is important to follow the number of fetal movements, especially in late August and early September, which is estimated at ten times a day, as the number of these fetal movements decreases, especially in the last months of pregnancy, indicating a defect in the function of the placenta that must pass through checking his heart rate To ensure the health of the fetus to ensure that the blood reaches the fetus normally.

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