How is the fetus in the fifth month?

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How is the fetus in the fifth month?

How is the fetus in the fifth month

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Pregnancy in a woman occurs by fertilization of the female ovum released during the ovulation phase within the menstrual cycle of the uterus through fertilization with a sperm, and fertilization occurs by the fusion of both male and female sperms, to form together with a fertilized egg and two developmental divisions,

then divided into several cells, which are then divided into several cells. The mass through other new divisions forms the entire human body with all its specialized organs that develop and differentiate during the gestation period of nine months to come into existence as a full-fledged child.

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Pregnancy in the second month

The second month enters the first trimester of pregnancy and extends from the fifth week until the end of the eighth week, and the mother often learns that she is pregnant at the beginning of this month, where the absence of the menstrual cycle indicates that pregnancy has occurred by default, 

so that the mother resorts to confirming the necessary medical examinations that make doubts Or deny the occurrence of pregnancy, 
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and in the meantime, more signs of pregnancy appear resulting from the increased secretion of some sex hormones that cause changes in the environment of the uterus.

To allow the egg to pass through the fallopian tube towards the uterus than to divide several divisions during its passage through the channel, and form what is known as the embryo that settles in the lining of the uterus, and the implantation stage begins.

Pregnancy and fetus development in the second month

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The fetus begins to form and develop clearly and quickly, as its length at the end of the second month reaches about two and a half centimeters, and its weight is about 30 grams. In the form of a very small human being.

The fetus in the fifth week

The fifth week of pregnancy seems special to the mother, as she is either newly aware of her pregnancy, or she is still suspicious of the nature of the symptoms and changes that she is feeling, and in general, 

her fetus continues to grow at this stage, as the length of the fetus is between four millimeters and six millimeters, 
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and the growth of the head is rapid about the rest of the body; Due to the growth of the brain, which in turn regulates vital processes, 

the limbs begin to form, so the upper limbs are in the form of a paddle, and the lower limbs are in the form of fins. The spinal cord later, 

and blood vessels are formed inside the embryo in preparation for the formation of the umbilical cord at a later time, and this week also begins the development and growth of the heart, kidneys, and liver.

The fetus in the sixth week

The growth of the internal organs continues this week, from the brain, liver, nervous system, and spinal cord, 
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and the ear cavity appears with the growth of the inner ear. Four-chambered structure to begin pumping blood into the fetus’s body, 

and the mother must ensure that the fetal heartbeat appears at the doctor using an ultrasound machine. millimeter, and at the end of this week the fetus begins to move, and this movement is light and the mother does not feel it, 

and the feeling of nausea and dizziness associated with head and chest pain continues.

The fetus in the seventh week

  • All the organs of the fetus’s body continue with its growth and development, as the nails begin to form as well as the lens of the eyes, 

  • and the appearance of the rosaries, knees, and ankles appears in a manner that fits the size, while the length of the fetus is 13 mm and which is larger than the fetus. 

  • This degree of appearance, and still, lead to its end, and still, and is, say, pressure, pressure; 
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  • The fetus’s body and the hormones control the mother’s body as a result of the changes accompanying the growth of the fetus and the preparation of the uterus,
  • which affects the mother’s psyche and emotions. In addition, morning sickness appears, which accompanies the hormonal effect. 

The fetus in the eighth week

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The appearance of the fetus in the eighth week of pregnancy is characterized by the emergence of the limbs and the increase in their length, and the human image of the small fetus is completed, 

  • with a length between eleven millimeters to approximately fourteen millimeters, and the formation of the outer eye and eyelids begins, the mouth and nostrils also emerge, and the jawbones fuse, 
  • to complete Thus, the features of the human face in its initial form, and the development of the nervous system and the spinal cord continues, as well as the development of the internal organs and viscera such as the stomach, intestines, and liver, 
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  • in addition to the creation of the umbilical cord that connects the fetus and the placenta of the uterus. As for the brain, it grows very quickly at a rate of 100 cells per minute, 
  • As it grows in This stage is the bones, muscles, cartilage, and the heartbeat of the fetus reach 150 beats per minute, 
  • and it is noticeable in the pregnant woman to distinguish the feeling of morning sickness that accompanies physiological changes, in addition to the increased feeling of esophageal reflux or the so-called heartburn, mood swings, some flatulence, and frequent flatulence. 
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