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How does nervousness and screaming affect the fetus?

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 How does nervousness affect the fetus?

How does nervousness and screaming affect the fetus

Psychological effects on the pregnant fetus

There is no doubt that the health and spirit of a pregnant woman are greatly affected by the fetus she carries in her womb. Therefore, what Neurological effect on the fetus?

a woman during pregnancy needs to take care of her health, nutrition, and spirit and calm her nerves. Later it has a serious impact on the health and life of the fetus. This article describes the effects of maternal stress on the health of the fetus. Neurological effect on the fetus?

Neurological effects on the fetus

How does nervousness and screaming affect the fetus

Numerous studies, studies, and reports have emerged that discuss the negative effects on the fetus as a result of nervousness Neurological effects on the fetus? anxiety, and stress that pregnant women are exposed to, including:.

  • The negative psychological feelings experienced by a woman cause great damage to the uterus. Neurological effect on the fetus?
  • These negative effects cause the uterus to contract severely, 
  • which can lead to miscarriage and fetal loss Neurological effect on the fetus?.
  • Violations of the activity of uterine contraction during childbirth and the development of its irregularity, Neurological effect on the fetus?

  •  and the consequent occurrence of cervical sclerosis 
  • and obstruction of the fetus. This means problems during childbirth and can be associated with postpartum complications and Neurological effects on the fetus?.
  • Because of low milk production, newborn babies do not get enough milk.
  • The occurrence of fetal activity and developmental deficiencies 
  • as a result of psychological and neurological disorders 
  • and the effects of various conditions on the mother's Neurological effect on the fetus?.

The fetus weighs less than usual.

How does nervousness and screaming affect the fetus

  • The risk of mental illness is higher for a fetus in an atmosphere of anxiety or stress than in the case of a fetus living in normal conditions.
  • It greatly increases the chances that a nervous baby will cry a lot and be sleepless.
  • Fetal hyperactivity in the womb is a result of stress hormones entering the fetus from the womb through the mother.
  • Severe delay in intellectual development in children exposed to anxiety and psychological stress in the womb.

Tips for pregnant women

A pregnant woman should carefully monitor herself and follow these tips, as the main influence of a woman's psychological state on her mother.

  1. Ask your doctor all questions about the fetus and its positive and negative effects on the pregnant woman, Neurological effects on the fetus?
  2. and try to remain calm and avoid anxiety and tension in the fetus, 
  3. which exacerbates the psychological state of the mother.
  4. Read as much as you can. It helps to relax and unwind. Neurological effect on the fetus?
How does nervousness and screaming affect the fetus

  1. The woman can read about pregnancy and taking care of the fetus.
  2. Remember to exercise regularly, in addition to the many benefits of exercise for 
  3. the body and pregnant women, strengthen the bones in the pelvic area,
  4. thus facilitating childbirth and helping to relax and unwind. Strengthening the back, relieving pain, Neurological effect on the fetus?
  5. and achieving peace and psychological stability Neurological effect on the fetus?.