How does the fetus move in the ninth month?

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 How does the fetus move in the ninth month?

How does the fetus move in the ninth month

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What is the movement of the fetus in the ninth month?

The activity of the fetus does not decrease in general in the ninth month, although its calm period increases as its weight and length occupy more space in the womb, 

the mother may feel more movement than usual, but the nature of the movement is different because the mother does not feel the quick kick because there is no place Feel it with big movements like rocking, 

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twisting, etc., the mother may feel a tingling in the rib cage area of ​​the rib cage due to the extension of the baby's feet after the baby prefers to move towards the cervix. 

Most women practice their own sports this month, more force, more pressure, more pressure, more rolling and twisting in the uterus. The woman may see the movement of the fetus from outside the abdomen due to pressure, and the feeling of the fetus's movement continues until the beginning of labor and its cycle.

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How does the fetus move in the ninth month

A pregnant woman's sense of the fetus's movement helps her feel reassured about the fetus's safety. In some cases, movement may indicate a health problem that a doctor should see.

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In regards to calculating fetal movements, doctors may ask a pregnant woman to monitor the fetus's movements, including kicking, flipping, and fluttering, daily during the third trimester. One method of this test is to measure the time taken. 

The fetus makes ten movements, if these movements are recorded within an hour, the movements of the fetus are considered normal, but if the movements of the fetus decrease less than this percentage, even if it is not a cause for concern, the child may be asleep, and then it is worth re-examination after eating or drinking.

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Reasons to see a doctor

Immediate consultation with a physician or medical emergency is helpful in the following cases: 

  • Note that the fetal movement rate has decreased significantly.
  • Suffering from severe abdominal cramps.
  • The fetal movement was followed by vaginal bleeding.
  • Irregular fetal movements.
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