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How do I take care of my baby in the first month

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 How do I take care of my baby in the first month?

How do I take care of my baby in the first month

What is the movement of the fetus in the seventh month of pregnancy?

Many changes occur during the seventh month of pregnancy, as the fetus can respond to external stimuli such as light, sound, and, 

pain and the strength of the fetus increase every day, and at this time the space in the mother's womb is sufficient. making it wavy and round,  

The mother's twitching movement may also increase, indicating that this shivering occurs when the fetus hiccups, which is a normal temporary condition that is not a cause for concern, 

in addition to the fact that the fetus begins at the end of the month Changing position and arching his head in preparation for birth.

Fetal kick rate

The doctor may advise the pregnant woman to calculate the movement of the fetus from the beginning of the seventh month or the twenty-eighth week until the end of the pregnancy period to check the condition of the fetus and make sure that things are as expected. 

Take quiet time to count twice a day. Once in the morning, the fetus is less active, and once in the evening, with a lot of activity. 

One way to do the test is to measure the time it takes the fetus to make ten movements, and show that: Ten movements in an hour or less is considered normal. If the mother does not feel these ten movements within an hour, it is recommended to eat or drink, 

then lie down and repeat the counting process again to get ten movements per hour.

Reasons to see a doctor

In fact, the inability of the fetus to move may not mean any danger, but it may be a sign that requires immediate monitoring or evaluation, indicating that if the mother is unable to count, she should consult a doctor and two hours after the start of the count, her fetus has ten actions.