How do I prepare for cesarean delivery?

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 How do I prepare for cesarean delivery?

How do I prepare for cesarean delivery

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Psychological and mental preparation for the operation

Preparing a pregnant woman for a C-section is one of the most important steps to help make the procedure go smoother and prepare the mother for what might happen. process or transcendence. 

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Define a birth plan

A pregnant woman can develop and implement a prenatal plan during labor, and her care team will try to accommodate her wishes. The plan may include: 

  • Choose an elbow that pregnant women would like to have during surgery.
  • Choose specific music that you can request to be played during labor.
  • Bring your camera and ask if you can take pictures during labor.
  • Remind everyone to remain silent at birth and let the baby hear the mother's voice first at birth.

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Preparing the birth bag

Expectant mothers may need many things in the hospital after surgery, most notably: 

  • Books, magazines, or any other form of entertainment.
  • A special cover is suitable for providing her and her baby with the necessary warmth, especially during skin-to-skin contact after birth.
  • Comfortable walking and commuting shoes in hospital.
  • Loose, comfortable clothing that does not compress the wound after surgery and is suitable for feeding your child.
  • Postpartum bath wipes and sponges.

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Make-up and nail polish removal

Removing makeup and nail polish are important steps in preparing for a C-section so that the doctor or delivery staff can monitor any changes in skin color during the procedure and remove contact lenses or glasses if they are worn.

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