How do I lose weight while pregnant?

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 How do I lose weight while pregnant?

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Do some exercise

Pregnant women can lose weight by doing some exercise, although many pregnant women think that this poses a great danger to their babies, the truth is that light exercise never harms the mother or the fetus because it reduces and maintains her weight and reduces The birth of the fetus. Disadvantages, and it also helps reduce the pain experienced by women during pregnancy, so pregnant women are advised to exercise for 30 minutes, which can be divided throughout the day so as not to get tired, and it is one of the best light exercises that you can do: for example, walking In the garden, jogging, doing yoga, swimming, on the other hand, you should avoid strenuous activities like skiing, cycling, etc.; As this may cause her pain and make her dizzy. 

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Adopt proper nutrition

A pregnant woman can lose weight by following a low-calorie diet, as a pregnant woman usually needs 300 calories a day in addition to her normal ration to nourish the fetus, as maintaining this normal rate helps in obtaining adequate nutrition without gaining weight. It is known that a woman may lose weight, especially during the first three months of pregnancy due to morning sickness, but then she will gain weight, however, mothers are not advised to follow a diet aimed at losing weight, but all they have to do is control their weight and avoid gaining weight, and focus on healthy food choices. Such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, avoiding calorie-rich and fatty foods such as fast food, as well as lean meats and low-fat dairy products to reduce calories and gain weight, and replace harmful calorie sources with beneficial sources that nourish yourself and your fetus. [2]

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Tips to avoid pregnancy weight gain

There are many other tips that women can follow to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy, including: 

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  • Plan and track different meals, you can also consult a dietitian.
  • Use a food diary to make sure you get the essential nutrients.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Use a notebook to record your hunger levels and emotions; Identify and change bad eating habits.
  • Try to make lifestyle changes and adopt an effective health regimen.