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How do I know the movement of the fetus in the fifth month

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 How do I know the movement of the fetus in the fifth month?

How do I know the movement of the fetus in the fifth month

pregnancy in the fifth month

The fifth month is the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, and this month starts from the eighteenth week to the twentieth week of pregnancy, 

and during this period the size of the pregnant woman's abdomen increases and becomes more defined due to the fetus. The size increases rapidly,

 and this pregnancy is one of the most important periods of healthy growth for the fetus, so pregnant women should maintain a healthy diet, and take nutritional supplements and iron pills after consulting a doctor.

fetal movement

A pregnant woman begins to feel the movement of the fetus in the fourth month until the middle of the fifth month, and the movement of the fetus from one woman to another, and from one fetus to another, is sometimes difficult. Distinguish them with the presence of gases in the stomach, the fetus has less activity and has different periods, with increased activity of the fetus and its organs and muscles.

The feeling of fetal movement

How do I know the movement of the fetus in the fifth month

The feeling fifth month To try to feel the movement of the fetus, put your hands on the lower part of the abdomen, and this movement is called a squatting movement, such as blinking or light tapping. It may take a long time before you feel any movement, maybe a few hours; Because the fetus needs rest and relaxation, it sleeps continuously for 45 minutes in the womb.

The importance of fetal movement

The size of the fetus and the health of the mother play a role in sensing the movement of the fetus, so do not worry if the movement diminishes or disappears for a day or two, 

but if the mother monitors the movement of the fetus and reminds it to remain still for more than three days, and is sensitive to factors such as not responding to stimuli that stimulate movement, 

such as eating sweets or drinking a lot of water, she must seek medical attention immediately, because the fetus does not move, which means that the food does not reach well,

 so the problem must be solved early so that it is easier to treat and avoid diseases and problems that cause it. Carrying out the necessary examinations for the fetus and her, such as ultrasound to track the growth and development of the fetus.

Finally, the experience of pregnancy varies from person to person, so there is no need to worry or compare the experience of a pregnant woman, 

as several factors can affect how a woman feels about the movement of the fetus, including the strength of the fetus, and the strength of the woman. Anatom

where the skinny woman is more, the obese woman feels that her baby's movement is better, the experience plays a role in feeling the movement of the fetus.