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How do I know I am pregnant?

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 How do I know I am pregnant?

How do I know I am pregnant?

The first thing you feel late in the day is an abnormal change in your body, which is not the case, and some women feel no change or no change at all. Symptoms, increased need to urinate, increased need to urinate, pain, malaise, morning sickness,

 and you can't be sure you're pregnant unless you take a test, and it's easier to wait until after your period, but then after 7 days, you can take a pregnancy test in At home, which you can get from the pharmacy, or you can go directly to the lab and take a pregnancy test at the lab closest to you. This will give you accurate results.

When should a lab pregnancy test be done?

If you are hoping for a successful pregnancy, you can take a lab pregnancy test before your pregnancy period, but if you don't wait until the first day of your period, the test results will not be very accurate and the results will be. As: would be like. Testing in the morning when urine is more concentrated is more accurate.

What happens after I confirm my pregnancy?

If you miss your period and get a positive pregnancy test, the next step is to find a doctor to monitor your health and the health of your baby during pregnancy. If you know what to consider about your health, you are pregnant, keep reading: 

  • Stick to regular in-clinic check-ups with a doctor of your choice to keep you and your baby healthy.
  • Stick to taking the prenatal vitamins and supplements such as folic acid recommended by your doctor.
  • Stick to a healthy diet.
  • Consider exercising during pregnancy.
  • Try to get enough sleep.
  • Avoid smoking and visiting places.
  • Avoid consuming large amounts of caffeinated drinks.
  • Learn more about early pregnancy symptoms and how to deal with them.
  • Be prepared for the physical changes that appear as your pregnancy progresses, such as the explicit enlargement of your abdomen and chest.
  • Tell your doctor about the medications and supplements you usually take and discuss their effects during pregnancy and on the fetus.
  • When do you go to the doctor?