How do I know the color of my child's eyes?

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 How do I know the color of my child's eyes?

How do I know the color of my child's eyes?

genetic factor

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Genetic factors are important factors in determining a child's eye color, because there are about 16 different genes responsible for determining eye color, and one of the genes responsible for determining brown and blue eyes is the OCA2 gene, and for green and blue hazel the gene is the OCA2.HERC2 gene. ), but the final eye color depends on a set of genes passed from father to child rather than a single gene as is common.

melanin pigment

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Melanin is one of the substances that help determine eye color in children, as it gives the eyes a yellowish-brown color. Melanocytes are located in the iris of the eye, and these cells secrete melanin and other types of pigment responsible for determining eye color, which can be explained as follows:

  • Pheomelanin: Gives red to orange color.
  • Eumelanin: In addition to its role in focusing the color in the eye, it produces a brown-black color.
  • Eye color is generally determined by mixing these pigments with each other, in addition to the intensity of the color and the intensity of each pigment. It should be noted that melanocytes secrete a small amount of melanin, which causes the color of the eyes to turn blue, while if they secrete equal amounts Of the melanin pigment, they are green or hazel eyes and produced when the melanocytes produce too much melanin, the eyes appear brown.

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Is it possible to predict the color of the eyes of a child?

It is difficult to predict a child's eye color before birth because the science has not advanced enough to fully understand how the genes are responsible for eye colorwork, but there are some expectations that a child's eyes can take into account when determining the color, which is called a baby. Eye color calculator:

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  • When both parents have blue eyes, the child is more likely to have dark or light blue eyes.
  • A child was more likely to have brown eyes when both parents had brown eyes, but the eyes were more likely to be non-brown if a member of the mother's or father's family had blue or light eyes.
  • When one parent has blue eyes and the other has brown eyes, the child has a 50% chance of having brown or blue eyes.
  • When one or both parents have green or hazel eyes, the child may have green or brown eyes, but this is not guaranteed.

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Does the color of the baby's eyes change after birth?

No research can guarantee when I will know exactly what my baby's eye color will be because it takes about a year for the melanocytes to secrete the melanin they are supposed to make, which makes it difficult to determine a baby's eye color after they are done. His first year earlier, although the change in a child's eye color decreased and began to stabilize after 6 months, many changes could occur and a change in a child's eye color, some studies showed that changes in a child's eye color can persist until the age of three.

Also, eye color usually ranges from light to dark, so if a child's eyes start blue, they may later become green, hazel, or brown, but if brown eyes first appear, they tend to prove that they will not turn blue.

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Many factors affect a child's eye color, including genetics, melanin, etc. In fact, the gene that determines a child's eye color does not contain a single gene but is based on a group of inherited genes. Learn from parents that in addition to melanin's role in determining eye color, large amounts of melanin are produced to give a brown hue, while producing a small amount of the pigment causes eyes to appear blue. As for how to know the color of a child’s eyes, there is no clear scientific method. It depends on the choice. As for the proportions, we have noticed that the eye color changes after the birth of the child because it takes a year. The melanocytes secrete the pigment melanin, which gives the color stark.