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How do I keep my stomach from cracking during pregnancy?

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 How do I keep my stomach from cracking during pregnancy?

How do I keep my stomach from cracking during pregnancy

pregnant woman

A woman needs special care for her body at all times to keep it away from all the situations that she may face in her life and she needs more care during pregnancy because if the body is not taken care of it becomes weak and exhausted. haggard, but with full and correct care, the body becomes fresh, strong, and resistant to disease; So we are here to suggest some ways to prevent cracks in your body, madam.

A slim body is more prone to pregnancy signs and troubles than fat and a full body because the mass of fat in all parts of the body is more than a lean body, which reduces the appearance of cracks in the abdomen, buttocks, and sometimes the chest, here we will learn more about the information about cracks and how they occur.

Pregnancy cracks

They are red lines that appear at the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, i.e. from the end of the third month, due to the breakdown of collagen, which is responsible for tightening and moisturizing the skin. Weight and discoloration during pregnancy Over time, the red color turns pink, then white, and is difficult to remove.

How to protect the body from cracks

Pregnant women need a high percentage of body water to keep the gelatin from breaking down and to continue feeding and activating it to continue working, and this is done through a healthy diet, proper exercise, and some special care during pregnancy.

  • Eating foods that contain a moderate percentage of fats that are beneficial to the body and activate cells to work, such as red meat and seafood; because they contain omega-3 oils; is an essential oil that protects the skin from cracking.
  • Do light exercises to increase the suppleness of your skin.
  • Eat foods and vegetables rich in vitamin E, increase natural juices, and drink water from time to time.
  • Use some moisturizers rich in vitamin E, such as cocoa butter, olive oil, glycerin, and coconut oil.
  • Take multivitamin tablets regularly.
  • Always wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

How to use oils

The skin is hydrated and free of cracks during pregnancy, so use a moisturizer when cleansing your body. Apply the daily cream of your choice immediately after showering; When the pores of the skin open, vitamins enter the inner layers of the skin, which leads to satisfactory results promptly. The time is short, and the longer the pregnancy period, you should use breastfeeding twice a day, and after giving birth, you will find your body returning to normal without cracks.