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How do I increase the weight of the fetus in the eighth month

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 How do I increase the weight of the fetus in the eighth month?

How do I increase the weight of the fetus in the eighth month


The fetus passes through nine months in the womb, and each month is considered a different stage. The fetus passes through nine different stages, so it can hear and see malformed and is ready to meet. The last stage before leaving his mother's womb to enter a new life is a complete fetus with all the details.

The specific gravity of the fetus in the eighth month should be about 1 kg and 800 grams, and the length is about 40 to 45 cm. However, if the weight of the child this month is less than the normal range, the mother can follow some steps to increase the weight of the fetus this month.

Fetal weight gain in the eighth month

How do I increase the weight of the fetus in the eighth month

  • Mothers should quit smoking completely at this point; This is because smoking can cause the fetus to lose weight beyond the normal limits and sometimes malformed the fetus.
  • In the eighth month, mothers should eat healthy food rich in important nutrients such as calcium and vitamins, stay away from caffeine, and try to avoid coffee and various stimulants.
  • Eat whole milk and dates; It helps greatly in increasing the weight and nutrition of the fetus.
  • Eat as many iron-rich foods as possible, so it is recommended to eat more tomatoes, pomegranates, etc.
  • Continue to take the vitamins and iron medications your doctor prescribes for pregnant women.
  • It is recommended to use bread in most meals, as it has an effect on increasing the weight of the fetus.
  • During this period, mothers should avoid stress and fatigue, rest as much as possible, and avoid carrying heavy objects.

Changes that occur to the mother during this period

  • The mother has difficulty sleeping at this stage due to the extra weight she feels.
  • When the fetus's head descends into the pelvis, the mother urinates frequently.
  • White vaginal discharge increases.
  • The mother has muscle cramps from time to time.
  • She was suffering from heartburn and indigestion. Sometimes constipation and hemorrhoids occur.
  • She suffers from back and joint pain and itching in her stomach.
  • During this period, the pregnant woman feels better in her breathing.
  • We noticed that a woman who is eight months pregnant should see the doctor more often, and see him weekly instead of the usual monthly.