Fetal movement at the end of the seventh month

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 Fetal movement at the end of the seventh month

Fetal movement at the end of the seventh month

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The movement of the fetus is one of the most important measures of the health and safety of the fetus, and it is the natural movement of the fetus since the mother enters the fourth month of pregnancy. 

  • every day. In this article, we will discuss the fetus this month, and one of the most important symptoms that women feel. Fetal movement at the end of July This month's fetus weighs about one kilogram and is about 43 centimeters long. 
  • It should be noted that expectant mothers must take a certain period and count the movements and kicks of the fetus, and the health and safety of the fetus. The muscles and lungs of the fetus are still present this month. They are growing and the brain is constantly growing little by little. 

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What is different from the fetus this month is that it has become able to distinguish its mother’s voice and hear everything that is going on around it. 

  • Fetal growth and development in the seventh month The fetus continues, to grow in the seventh month as it can close and open its eyes, hair, and villi begin to disappear from the face, his hearing improved and he was able to distinguish his mother's voice. 
  • Her heartbeat was one of his favorite sounds. So, when the baby cries, put him on his mother's chest so that he feels comfortable, and the fetus can clench his hand, stretch and kick. 
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  • Emergency changes In the seventh month of a pregnant woman, a pregnant woman feels tightness in the lower abdomen due to the tightening of the uterus and pelvic ligaments. 
  • Brown spots and hyperpigmentation appear on certain parts of the face and body. Swelling in the feet, heels, hands, and face due to fluid retention. Women suffer from lower back pain, hemorrhoids, 
  • and varicose veins. Increase the desire of the pregnant woman to terminate her pregnancy and increase her thinking about labor and delivery.
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  •  Increased overlap of sleep due to the enlargement of the abdomen and the increase in the movement of the fetus, so when she feels tired, she must change her sleeping position.
  • Pregnant women feel tired and have headaches and shortness of breath. She suffers from constipation, indigestion, and heartburn as a result of the pressure of the fetus on her stomach, so you should pay attention to the quality of food.
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