Fetal development stages in the seventh week

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 Fetal development stages in the seventh week

Fetal development stages in the seventh week

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In the seventh week of pregnancy

This stage of pregnancy includes the formation of major organs in the fetus, which is a very important stage, and care must be taken to protect the health of the fetus to ensure its normal growth, so there may be a significant increase in its secretion. 

From the hormones in pregnant women and a drop in blood sugar levels, feeling sick, dizzy, and tired. In this article, we will discuss the various stages of fetal development in the seventh week and the changes that occur in the mother.

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Fetal development in the seventh week

  • At this stage, various joints are formed in the fetus, such as the joints of the feet and the joints of the hands.
  • During this stage, the fetus develops many physiological functions, such as the kidneys, digestive system, and brain.
  • Now the fetal heart rate is more clear and blood circulation is normal.
  • The fetal heartbeat can be heard with an ultrasound test.
  • The fetus has appendages called nipple villi, and they are appendages outside the protective barrier that protects the fetus, and through it, the placenta arises and is primarily responsible for transporting blood from the mother to the fetus.
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  • The heart is divided into right and left halves.
  • The umbilical cord is formed, through which oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the fetus, and is also used to expel waste products from the fetus.
  • This week also begins the formation of the digestive and respiratory systems of the fetus.
  • Fingers and toes are formed inside the fetus.
  • This week, the fetus is 1.25 cm long, is now the size of a grape and will make jerky movements.
  • The liver begins to pump out large numbers of red blood cells.

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Tips for pregnant in the seventh week

Fetal development stages in the seventh week

  • A pregnant woman should visit the doctor several times during this period for prenatal care. The purpose of this care is to ensure the health of the pregnant woman and her baby. Care includes X-rays, full-body examination, and dental care.
  • A pregnant woman should read and understand the symptoms that accompany the seventh week of pregnancy and how to manage this stage and the accompanying symptoms such as morning sickness or vaginal bleeding, which can occur in the worst-case scenario.
  • A pregnant woman should realize that this week her body and mind will undergo major changes that may affect the nature of her relationships with family and friends. the pressure.