Fetal development in the seventh month

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Fetal development in the seventh month

Fetal development in the seventh month

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During pregnancy, the fetus is in different positions, from the first month of pregnancy to the end. It may be the birth month for many women. Both mother and fetus go through different changes and developments for different reasons.

We mention the following the development of the fetus:

  • The length of the child is approximately 36.50 cm
  • It weighs approximately 875 grams.
  • During this time, the fetus sleeps and wakes up regularly.
  • He can also open his eyelids.
  • His brain tissue has grown and developed significantly.
  • However, his lungs are completely and permanently immature at this stage, but if he's born in the seventh month, he can breathe on a ventilator.
  • His taste buds were completely dormant, at this point he could discern the taste of his mother's milk.
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  • If the fetus is male, its testicles will sink into the scrotum, and if it is female, the ovaries will fill with sacs.
  • He becomes able to sense light.
  • He can also hear sounds outside the womb, and his favorite sound is his mother's heartbeat.
  • In addition, he can do fists and kicks with his feet.
  • Changes that occur to the mother during the seventh month

Fetal development in the seventh month
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The following are some of the changes that occur to the mother: 

  • Headache, fatigue, and shortness of breath.
  • Your sleep can be disrupted by a large fetus and a large belly.
  • The feeling of labor cramps but here they are not real and not painful.
  • Your breasts begin to secrete milk.
  • Pressure and tightening in the lower abdomen as a result of tightening the ligaments in the pelvis and uterus.
  • In addition to heartburn, there are digestive problems such as constipation and indigestion.
How is labor pain?
  • Your level of nausea and fatigue decreases.
  • Due to hormonal changes, your nose may become congested, sometimes resulting in bleeding.
  • Hearing impairment and bleeding from the gums.
  • Swelling in certain parts of the body, such as the feet, face, and heels.
  • Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, back pain.
  • Increased vaginal discharge, especially white.

At this stage, you have to go to the doctor and monitor your health and the condition of the fetus and monitor its weight, size, length, etc., 

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and here you have to do a set of necessary tests such as checking blood type, and urine examination to ensure that the Rh factor has been added and there is no infection outside the factor except for the quality of the doctor’s advice. What you eat, your comfort level, 

and your mental preparation for labor and delivery. 

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