Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?

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 Is it harmful to a pregnant woman to sleep on her back?

Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus

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The sleep pattern of a pregnant woman is determined. Depending on the nature of the month of pregnancy you are going through; Some sleeping positions are not always normal in the last few months if they were normal in the first few months of pregnancy. Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?

With the increase in the size of the fetus, the pressure on the pregnant woman's body increases, which makes it difficult to determine a safe sleeping position for her and her fetus.

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Pregnant woman sleeping on her back

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Sleeping on your back for pregnant women from the wrong positions. Sleeping on your back increases the risk of back pain. A pregnant woman lies on her back, especially during the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy, unless the doctor who monitors her health indicates the need, in addition to hemorrhoids, swelling of the legs, low blood pressure, and dizziness. Let's do it. Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?

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  • Sleeping on the back of a pregnant woman has many harms, including It prevents blood from returning from the veins down the body to the heart when sleeping on the back. 
  • The uterus exerts pressure on the veins to help draw blood from the lower body and return it to the heart. Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?
  • The blood flow to the fetus's heart slows, limiting or slowing the growth of the fetus.
  • The pregnant mother sleeps on her back. This can lead to the death of the fetus or the development of a so-called late miscarriage, 
  • but the damage caused by this position can be mitigated by placing a pillow under the back. to reduce pressure on the uterine region; 
  • This question and other questions just follow your doctor's instructions. Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?

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The wrong sleeping position of a pregnant woman

The stages of the formation of the fetus month by month

Sleeping on your back for a pregnant woman is not the only wrong position, but there are many wrong positions. Sleeping during pregnancy includes:

Elevate your legs while sleeping: Raise the pregnant woman to her legs while sleeping. It harms your health and the health of your unborn baby. 

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  • It promotes blood clotting and can cause diabetes, depression, and anxiety, Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?
  • normal fetal weight loss, and some health problems that persist after birth.
  • Sleeping on the stomach: There is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman sleeping on her stomach in the second or third month of pregnancy. 
  • Embryos during this period are stable in the large pelvis. After 3 months, the mother should avoid this position while sleeping. Does sleeping on the back affect the fetus?
  • The fetus begins to grow larger and pressure is not recommended to sleep in the stomach.

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Sleep on your back at an angle. That is, when the pregnant woman is lying on her back, she does not sleep completely. This situation can be explained. The upper part of the body should not recline more than the lower part, and a pregnant woman can use pillows. Place it in front of the stomach for support and a second pillow behind it.

Sleeping on your side: A pregnant woman can sleep on her right or left side. Make sure your body is completely tilted to the right. You can use a pillow, and use a third pillow placed between your thighs. To reduce leg pressure when sleeping in the lower abdomen, the area where the fetus's head is located, and the left side. The pillow changes, and the sleeping side changes.

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