Do pregnant women lose weight and ways to maintain weight?

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 Do pregnant women lose weight?

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weight during pregnancy

Eating a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy gives your baby the nutrients he needs for healthy nutrition and healthy growth. food for two; It's normal to eat 300 calories a day more than you needed before pregnancy. 

This helps a pregnant woman gain the normal weight she needs. You need to gain weight during this period. For example, a woman who begins pregnancy with average weight gains from 11 to 15 kg. If you have a twin pregnancy, it is also important to pay attention to your weight. Gaining the right weight is very important. This is because the caloric increase ranges from 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day.

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weight loss for pregnant women

Some women experience weight loss during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is thought to be normal due to nausea during pregnancy, but once a woman reaches her late pregnancy, she feels better and starts getting enough nutrients. However, due to weight loss during this period, most babies born to women can suffer. Obesity or being overweight. Because of neural tube defects, congenital heart disease and other problems, it is recommended that you follow the correct method to maintain or lose weight. Example: Eating a low-calorie diet, such as exercising. 

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Weight gain during pregnancy is normal. This is because of the increase in the size of the child, sheep water, and blood volume, but women who start pregnancy may feel overweight or obese for fear of losing weight after pregnancy and its effect on the child, so there is, in this case, it is not desirable to gain weight to avoid complications associated with weight gain, nor Doctors generally recommend losing weight during pregnancy and even encouraging a healthy diet...

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