Cumin side effects for pregnant women

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 Cumin side effects for pregnant women

Cumin side effects for pregnant women

When do symptoms of nausea begin during pregnancy?

Is cumin harmful to pregnant women?

There is no information on the specific effects of cumin on pregnant women, but pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to avoid high doses of cumin. It is sufficient to consume the amount usually added to foods, such as those in the extract.  Cumin side effects for pregnant women

It should be noted that it is important for pregnant women to consult a specialist before starting to take nutritional supplements or herbal teas  Cumin side effects for pregnant women. 

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Cumin side effects for pregnant women

Cumin is often rated as safe when taken in the amount found in food and can be taken in appropriate amounts as powders and extracts. 

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For both pregnant and breastfeeding women, as mentioned previously, stick to the amount contained in the food, as there is not enough information about the safety of eating large amounts of cumin as found in the extract, and it is preferable to do so.  Cumin side effects for pregnant women

Disadvantages of using latency

People suffering from certain diseases are advised to be careful when consuming cumin. Here are some of these cases: 

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  • People with bleeding disorders: Cumin can slow the process of blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.
  • Diabetics: Cumin can lower blood sugar levels, so it is recommended for diabetics to carefully monitor their blood sugar levels when consuming cumin.  Cumin side effects for pregnant women
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  • People undergoing surgery: Cumin can lower blood sugar levels and interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery, so it is advised to avoid consuming cumin for at least two weeks before surgery... 
Cumin side effects for pregnant women

  • Drug interaction with cumin
  • Here are some of the medicines that have been neutralized by cumin:
  • Diabetes treatments: etc.; glimepiride (English glimepiride), glimepiride (English glimepiride), insulin, etc.
  • Anticoagulants: or anticoagulants such as; Aspirin, dalteparin, etc.
  • Rifampicin: (Rifampicin in English).

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Is cumin good for pregnant women?

There are no studies available on whether eating cumin is beneficial for pregnant women, but overall cumin offers many health benefits, including:

  • Contains beneficial plant compounds. terpenes, phenols, flavonoids  Cumin side effects for pregnant women, 
  • and alkaloids; Some are compounds that have antioxidant properties and help protect the body from damage caused by exposure to harmful substances called free radicals. 
  • Contains antioxidant compounds. Helps protect body cells from damage  Cumin side effects for pregnant women.
  •  A diet rich in antioxidants helps reduce the risk of heart disease and many other chronic diseases. 
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  • Cumin's antioxidant properties are because it contains apigenin and luteolin, which help protect body cells from free radicals. 
  • Free, and therefore antioxidants, reduce the signs of aging and help promote physical health and vitality. 
Cumin side effects for pregnant women

  • Contains many vitamins and minerals: cumin seeds contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, 
  • and complex choline, and cumin contain small amounts of phosphorous and potassium. It contains sodium. Zinc and copper.
  • You can read more about the benefits of cumin in an article on the benefits of eating cumin.

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Nutritional value of cumin

  • The following table shows the nutrients present in 100 grams of cumin.  Cumin side effects for pregnant women
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  • Study on the benefits of the black seed for pregnant women

An animal study published in the 2017 Journal of Health Sciences of Taibah University found that an ethanol extract with black cumin reduced systolic blood pressure and urinary protein levels in pregnant rats from preeclampsia  

Cumin side effects for pregnant women.  Cumin side effects for pregnant women

This is noteworthy. Since this study was conducted on animals, more studies are needed to better understand the effects of black seeds on pregnant women.

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Is black cumin harmful to pregnant women?

Cumin side effects for pregnant women

It is considered safe to consume the amount of black cumin that is usually added to foods during pregnancy, but it may delay or stop uterine contractions, so in large quantities as extracts, etc. accept it.  Cumin side effects for pregnant women

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