Causes of lack of milk from the breast of pregnant women

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 Why are you deficient in breast milk?

Causes of lack of milk from the breast of pregnant women

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Some natural things happen when you start breastfeeding. From the first few weeks to the first month of life, mothers feel comfortable and small in their breasts, pregnant 

but this does not mean that their milk levels are low. It does not fit the needs of the child, but this is normal. The frequency of feeding the baby may also increase from time to time to increase the flow of milk. pregnant 

This is also normal and known as breastfeeding, so it does not indicate a problem with milk flow or levels. 

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Keep in mind that a lack of breast milk during breastfeeding can be due to a delayed flow of milk from her milk. milk flow. In addition to compounding the weight gain, it causes signs of hunger and discomfort in the child. pregnant 

The problem of milk shortage in nursing mothers has various causes, some of which are related to the mother and some to the child, and in some cases to both parties. Yes, pregnant 

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this is what you need. They must be evaluated and expert instructions followed to implement strategies to address these issues and to ensure that the child always receives an adequate amount of food while treating the problem, pregnant 

regardless of the cause of the problem. He must have a shortage of milk because the baby needs to eat. pregnant 

Reasons related to breastfeeding

Causes of lack of milk from the breast of pregnant women
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incomplete adhesion

Malnutrition of the baby's breast is one of the most common causes of reduced milk flow. The process of excreting milk from the breast is to stimulate the body to produce more milk and reduce the level of milk in the mother. pregnant 

 Therefore, the location of the baby's attachment to the breast should be evaluated if it is not clear whether it is properly attached and can help the mother with a consultation with the doctor, nurse, or, breastfeeding team. pregnant 

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  • Short and rare breastfeeding
  • Breasts produce milk regularly
  • A decongestant containing pseudoephedrine.
  • Fertility drugs such as clomiphene.
  • Antihistamines such as cetirizine and diphenhydramine.
  • Estrogen contraceptives After childbirth and during lactation, only synthetic forms of progesterone-containing contraceptives are recommended.

decrease in glandular tissue

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The glandular tissue is the tissue that secretes milk in the breast, and when this tissue is reduced in the breast, the production of milk is insufficient, pregnant 

and in this case, the percentage of women who suffer from this condition even though the breast cannot produce milk, and is few. There is enough milk to satisfy the baby, 

but the good news is that these women are still able to breastfeed their babies. Being a duct and tissue, this problem can be alleviated by giving birth to a second or third child. pregnant 

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other reasons

Other causes for nursing mothers while breastfeeding include: 

  • Excessive drinking: It is advised to limit drinking as this leads to low levels of milk. pregnant 
  • Skip or skip night feedings: If you don't empty your breasts at night, high levels of the hormone prolactin will drop at night, pregnant 
  • and low levels of prolactin will lower your milk levels. The ratio of the passively demanded quantity of milk to the quantity it gives. pregnant 
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  • Eating certain types of herbs and spices: It is known that eating large amounts of some herbs such as sage, thyme, mint, marjoram, parsley, and lemon reduces milk production, but in small quantities or in tablets. 
  • Eating does not affect milk flow and eating a lot of sugar, herbs, and acidic foods also affects milk flow. Noticeable
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