The best way to build muscle fast

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 Muscle Building

Building the muscles of the body means operating all your major visible muscles, as people with a muscular build and young people are evidence of their strength and therefore exercise to build muscles Specialized exercises that work to tighten the muscles of the body The special exercise includes specific movements that work on muscle stress and work to tighten them. beautiful world

The best way to build muscle fast

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Types of bodybuilding exercises


Bodybuilding is the main sport to strengthen the muscles of the body Bodybuilding exercises depend on lifting heavy weights (such as iron) frequently to stress the muscles until they begin to grow with the collapse due to the great exposure effort, the benefits of a food containing a high proportion of protein to build muscle fibers The destroyer is again bigger and stronger than it was before bodybuilding competitions in which the competition is a comparison of competitors' bodies The above has been paraphrased: it is not difficult to memorize if you use a mnemonic to help you remember Mnemonics are techniques that help you remember new information using an image or a story about the material The key to learning something new is repetition and practice until it becomes automatic When you try to remember information like phone numbers, names, things from school, etc. Try to remember it using a mnemonic called 'memory palace' he - she

Types of body building exercises

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muscle amplification mechanism

The muscles of the body are divided into five categories when you want to inflate these are arm muscles, triceps (English: triceps) and biceps (English: biceps), forearm muscles, shoulder and back muscles, calf muscle exercises regularly The different types of exercises vary conditioning in target muscles

Exercising puts great pressure on the muscles. Damaged muscles are rebuilt by eating a diet rich in protein, which is used to rebuild muscles. The process of building the body. If the muscles are stronger after building, this improves performance and recovery.

fitness sport

Fitness modeling is a sport that simulates bodybuilding but in a less extreme way. Muscle amplification, but is less intense in building the body. The exercises are different from those used in mastering the body. It is not necessary to carry heavyweights, but rather exercises that benefit body fitness.

strength sport

The sport of strength is basically the lifting of heavyweights, and the focus is not on the shape and details of the muscles, but rather on their ability to carry heavy weights only The competition is the amount of weight carried by one repetition of the exercises This sport depends on the three: squat deadlift and bench press

strength sport

5 best ways to build muscle fast

Some practical suggestions and tips that are not heeded by bodybuilders, which are focused on, will improve the results of your workout

5 best ways to build muscle fast

Focusing on the muscle during exercise

One of the most important factors for the quality of the exercise is to focus on one muscle. One of the common mistakes among bodybuilders is to lift the weight regardless of the muscles used during the exercise. Let’s assume, for example, in leg muscle exercises that the person depends on the muscles of the lower back more than the muscles of his legs, and this is not required, But he should focus on the leg muscles by being the ones that tighten during the exercise to ensure results for them and to avoid serious injuries such as slipping muscles in the lower back

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Increase weight or repetitions whenever possible

Consistency of the exercises on portable weights and the number of repetitions will result in a constant volume after a while; As the muscles get used to the effort, there are three solutions:

  • Increase the number of weights lifted during the exercise with a constant number of repetitions
  • Go back to doing the same number of lifts and increasing the number of repetitions
  • Increase the number of weights lifted and the number of repetitions to solve this problem. This is the best solution

It is worth warning against these solutions unless it is ensured that they are avoided to avoid severe injuries such as herniated disc, muscle rupture, and joint dislocation.

Increase weight or repetitions whenever possible

Increase your daily protein intake

Protein is the essential nutrient for building muscle mass because it contains the amino acids necessary for the muscle. Any protein deficiency will lead to the destruction of muscle fibers without rebuilding them, and therefore the muscles will not swell even with regular exercise. The amount of protein is increased by eating a protein supplement. Foods are rich in it such as eggs. And all kinds of meat and cheese (preferably low-fat), or through industrial protein products such as whey protein

Increasing sleep hours

The sleep period is the best period in which the body rebuilds the muscles and relaxes during sleep The lack of hours of sleep required per day leads to muscle fatigue, which limits exercise performance and causes difficulty in inflating the muscles

Avoid harmful habits

Many reasons harm the body in general and slow down the process of muscle gain, including 1) Not doing exercises correctly, or not exercising at all It is a fact that people who do not exercise have much more fat than those who initially exercise This is because They don't burn the fat they already have; They put in more fat to make up for it

  • Smoking anything that impairs blood circulation and lungs
  • Drinking soft drinks: They lead to osteoporosis and weight gain, and they contain large amounts of caffeine, which is harmful in the event of an excess of it.
  • To lose weight, eat fried foods and fast food: they contain high levels of harmful fats and cholesterol, which leads to weight gain.
  • Taking taboos has many and varied harms and can lead to death
  • Steroids: Although they increase muscle speed, they have many damage and side effects such as infertility, hormone imbalance, muscle atrophy, and sagging.

bodybuilding definition

Bodybuilding is defined as the use of weight lifting training to improve the muscles of the body, and the individual can be defined as a bodybuilder when practicing this sport and transforming it into an ideal lifestyle concept. Bodies focus on getting a muscular body in a certain way and not focusing on health or sports

Increasing sleep hours

old bodybuilding

Bodybuilding was started by the ancient Greeks and was a source of inspiration for many peoples later, then cinemas and carnivals began to organize bodybuilding competitions to entertain the public. The first competition was held in New York City in 1903 by a professor of physical education named Bernard Zoghbi, won by McFadden the Treloirs and he was called the most advanced man in the world

Austrian-born American athlete who was born into the film industry is considered Arnold Schwarzenegger the greatest figure in the history of bodybuilding; He Olympia title seven times (1970-1975, 1980), the charm of his high physique and an influential career especially in cinema helped boost his bodybuilding activities. Miss Cory Iverson has been crowned Miss Olympia six times

Bodybuilding competitions

Bodybuilding competitions are very popular More than 200 amateur bodybuilding competitions were held during the year 2013 AD in the United States. Calorie muscle from cardiovascular training is involved in many nutrition strategies and supplements

 Best foods to build muscle 

Bodybuilding Supplements

Many bodybuilders use nutritional supplements such as creatine, whey protein, and caffeine to build muscle. Examples include:

  • Protein supplements are essential for building muscle. You can get protein from foods rich in it. There are also protein supplements that include: casein, soy, and whey.
  • Weight Gainer Supplements: These supplements help you get more calories and protein, and help people who have difficulty gaining weight. Each serving of these supplements contains 75-300 grams of carbohydrates and 20-60 grams of protein.

Bodybuilding Supplements