How do I know the divorce of the birth?

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 How do I know the divorce of the birth?

How do I know the divorce of the birth?

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Signs of labor can vary between women in general, and many women go through a condition known as false labor. False labor can be defined as contractions that don't follow a pattern or last for a specific period, and that usually start when the woman is near her due date. It's best not to be embarrassed if you don't know how to distinguish between real labor and a false birth This is a very important stage of pregnancy and it is better to take precautions in case something goes wrong

Symptoms of pre-split

Symptoms of pre-split

How do I avoid a cesarean delivery?

A pregnant woman may experience some of the symptoms and signs of premature labor, including false labor. This is a type of cramping that occurs intermittently and can last for 30-60 seconds or more than two minutes in some cases. In some cases, a woman has regular menstrual cramps that are severe and occur frequently. These cramps don't usually get worse over time, and they can be relieved by changing your position or walking The cramps may start in the second trimester for some women There are many divorces, but they often start in the third trimester Other symptoms that precede a real divorce the following:

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  • The fetal head may have shifted down into the birth canal several weeks before labor begins
  • Cervical dilation, or blood, begins several weeks before delivery and is measured by your doctor at every visit in the last month of pregnancy
  • The cervical mucus plug is a brown fluid that accompanies some blood when the opening of the cervix is ​​closed during pregnancy
  • Pelvic floor muscle pain can be the result of tight muscles and joints in preparation for childbirth
  • When the amniotic sac ruptures, the fetal headwater (the fluid that surrounds and nourishes the baby) flows out.
  • When muscles and joints relax, diarrhea and upset stomach can occur
  • The excitement of emotions and mood swings.

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Symptoms of childbirth divorce

Labor contractions are different from other contractions during pregnancy. They usually start slowly and get stronger over time, and may last a few minutes or even several hours.

  • The contractions should become more regular and the duration between them should be gradually shortened
  • The contractions last about 30-70 seconds with each repetition
  • It is important to gradually increase the intensity of the contractions throughout the body to avoid changing the position of the body
  • When contractions are very severe, it may be difficult for a pregnant woman to walk or speak
  • Contractions usually start in the lower back and progress forward through the abdomen

How is labor pain?

Symptoms of childbirth divorce

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Frequently asked questions about childbirth

Where are labor contractions or labor?

Labor contractions usually start in the lower abdomen and move down the body Sometimes the pain travels to the legs, especially above the thighs, and pressure increases in the pelvic area A woman may feel a wave of contractions that usually start at the top of her womb (near her head) and travel down Try to stay with These contractions are as long as possible and remember that there can be a big difference in how long they last. To identify false labor contractions, it is important to look for signs that are different from normal contractions. False labor contractions can be distinguished by their location (not in the same area as regular contractions) and the fact that they are not painful

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How do I calculate the length of labor contractions?

To determine if labor has already begun, you must record the start and end times for each contraction and measure the time between them. Labor contractions vary in intensity and rate depending on the stage of labor.

  • Late labor: The period between contractions in this stage is about 1-1.5 hours and contractions last between 30-60 seconds.
  • This is the stage when the contractions become more intense and last for 40-60 seconds
  • Labor is nearing its end, and contractions are becoming more intense and continuous
  • Pushing and childbirth can cause a lot of pain at this point however, the pain may decrease and you may feel like the contractions are going to happen every 2-5 minutes, and the duration lasts about 60-90 seconds When labor actually starts, you may feel like it's happening more often and for longer

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When labor begins, it is often worth a visit to the hospital or doctor. However, it is important to talk to your health care provider about what you should do and how you should feel.

It is advisable to contact the doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of labor. In some cases, the doctor can determine the woman’s need to go to the hospital by obtaining inf

How do I calculate the length of labor contractions?

formation and asking about the symptoms, for example, the intensity of the contractions and their difference from what the woman says on the phone if you have any of the following symptoms, please contact your doctor or visit the hospital immediately: - chest pain - shortness of breath - rapid heart rate - dizziness - fainting
Abdominal sagging after cesarean section

Decreased fetal movement rate.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding.

If you have a high fever, headache, or blurred vision with abdominal pain, contact your doctor