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Causes of nausea during pregnancy

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 Causes of nausea during pregnancy

We find that the severity of nausea varies from one woman to another, and there is no specific cause for these symptoms. Some of the reasons are  the genetic makeup of the woman,  the level of stress,  how to eat

  • When people are in conflict, it is often difficult to get them to see things from each other's perspective
  • Low blood sugar in a pregnant woman can lead to birth defects
  • Psychological and physical stress factors.
  • Pregnancy with twins.
  • Nausea does not always have to recur in future pregnancies

Nausea time

Nausea in pregnant women usually begins around the fourth or fifth week and increases during the first month. However, after about a month, some women may begin to feel relief, while others may continue to feel nausea for another month. It is usually best to seek medical attention if symptoms persist. After fourteen weeks, this condition may disappear for a period of timesome time and then return. It may happen several times during the months of pregnancy

Necessary medical examinations

When a pregnant woman feels nauseous, the doctor may order a set of blood and urine tests. If the examination shows high levels of ketones in the urine, persistent vomiting may lead to malnutrition in the pregnant woman. The doctor may also perform an ultrasound to ensure that the woman has Malnutrition To try to find any causes that might lead to a conflict, you should look for clues

Urinary tract infection during pregnancy

Urinary tract infections are common problems that a pregnant woman may have, and nausea is one of their symptoms for more than eight hours, the pain can be severe Some of the symptoms of stomach fever are headache, diarrhea, jaundice, and asthenia (weakness) In addition, people may suffer from constant vomiting by blood