Benefits and damage electronic games

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Benefits and damage to electronic games

Benefits and damage electronic games

For electronic games

Electronic games are a newer and more entertaining technological commodity, but also affect the individual and society in many ways

The electronic games began in 1967 and 1968 after the US engineer Ralph Bayer decided to find a way to practice games on television and with the help of his friends Bill Harrison and Bill Roch, the first model of electronic games called Brown Box was not very successful because it had a very successful Only one game has been developed first multi-player video games by Magnavox which then launched this design as Magnavox Odyssey this cradle way to develop video games, even reached this progress

Benefits of electronic games

Electronic damage

Electronic games may cause obese players, pixels, social and non-physically and mentally social isolation because of their repeated use

Encourage violence

The exercise of electronic games can increase violence that can perform violent electronic games for a certain period to generate serious behaviors

Wasting time

The exercise of electronic games was associated with wasting time because the time spent playing the players replaces other most important activities such as spending time with family or friends to carry out school responsibilities and participating in recreational activities such as playing football and developing one skill

Change in external appearance

Benefits of electronic games

  1. An electronic game is a significant impact on public culture for widely available individuals, and many people enjoy benefits some of these benefits include:
  2. Children's online games help learn and better perform at school show some studies that children playing video games are often thoughtful and have higher academic efficiency than those who do not play these games
  3. Video games improve coordination between hand and eye regardless of them, video games require players to use accurate orders affect the format of hands and eyes
  4. Video games improve the decision-making process most video games depend on the development of certain strategies during the game which helps to make better and faster decisions
  5. Encourage reading electronic games because they help players develop their reading skills
  6. Electronic games increase attention to technology when individuals adapted to modern technology through electronic games, they become more interested in
  7. The marginalized persons are socially and economically communicate with people through the virtual world and are gradually accepted among people through multiplayer games where they can communicate with new people and configure new friends
  8. Electronic games are used as educational tools: Some educational institutions have included educational materials in electronic games where they are developing and improving different life skills
  9. Electronic games as a technical broker contribute significantly to the production of some technical media such as music and movies

Change in external appearance

Playing in large quantities of electronic games can change the external appearance of the player through:

  • Non-sleep for enough hours may cause skin color or be under the eyes
  • overweight.
  • Inability to stand correctly.


Electronic games can affect the physical health of players where they can cause:

Addiction to electronic games

Electronic games consume a lot of time and lead to addiction this addiction is internationally recognized as serious as obsessive gambling, where the goal is to win

Playing a lot of video games can be turned into addiction when players spend most of their time practicing video games, at the expense of work, study, family events, or social activities

There are many reasons why people are looking at electronic games, including that gaming designers in this way to increase the number of players as the game is designed to form a continuous challenge for the player so he can win which makes it spend more time trying to win without surrender

Addiction to electronic games

Addiction types to electronic games

Electronic games are classified into two types: addiction and usually

When one plays only one game and not for that game any other purpose only win, addicting ends them often

Electronic games do not include one task and have no end and these games are played by a variety of online players where the player builds a fictional character and resides relations with other online players through which this type of addiction is not quickly ending because there is a specific end of the game The bored player feels this game as a way to escape from reality so feel more acceptance in his imaginative personality in this game

Addiction signs on electronic games

Video gaming marks include:

  • behavior change.
  • Change in the mood.
  • Social isolation.
  • Loss of interest in other interesting activities
  • Anxiety or depression.
  • Low achievement in school or work.
  • The difficulty of controlling consumer time in play.

Addiction causes physical symptoms

The physical effects of games include paintings on the wrist, neck, and elderly, pits on the skin of sleep disorders.

Addiction treatment on electronic games

Do not use medications to treat electronic gaming addiction than best to follow standard psychological technologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy that provides modifying the patterns of thinking to deal with different life situations